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With a career spanning over 24 years, that began through the 'pirate-radio' air wave's of London in 1989, ' Tom Parris'
is today recognized as a leading figure on the European electronic music scene. With a multitude of DJ appearances around the globe the name ' Tom Parris ' has been constantly associated with the Worlds most prestigious clubs and events including, The End Club-London, Maniac Love -Tokyo, Tresor- Berlin, The Rex -Paris, KeyEnergy-Tokyo Propaganda - New York, Space -Ibiza, Zenith Paris, Movement-Kuala Lumpur, Kozzmozz -Gent, Bercy -Paris, Pacha -Marrakech, and in countries as diverse as, Malaysia, Indonesia, Tunisia, Switzerland, Turkey, Czech Republic, Hong Kong, Spain, Germany & Italy to name but a few. The production work of ' Tom Parris ' over the last 20 years has included collaborations with such legendary artist's as, Mr.C, Bushwacka!, & Baby Ford. With over 30 vinyl releases to date on labels like, The End Recordings UK, Red Ant Records USA, Sunshine Records BLGM, Sex on Wax UK, Monster Fonky FR, Matter-Form USA, Aztec Music BLGM, Soco Audio USA, Park Musik JPN, CDX-9 FR, Oblong UK. DJ Center FR, Amazon FR, CDX-9 FR


An impressive number of these releases have received ' Record of the Month ' status in the music press among magazines like DJ mag, Muzik & IDJ.


Tom Parris also performs World wide along with Trevor Rockcliffe & Colin Dale under the name UNION JACK.

Tom Parris also owns and runs one of France's hottest and most successful event companies. Pioneering wireless technology for a host of cutting edge events, in and around Europe.


There are to date over 15,000 references to ' Tom Parris ' on the internet, in over 12 different languages.




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